Pelvic Floor Health • Orthopedics • Yoga • Personal Training

In personalized, small-group classes, Trisha Jenkyns, PT, DPT, will use her expertise and background in anatomy, biomechanics, exercise, yoga and physical therapy to lead you in yoga and therapeutic exercise that will help establish healthy movement, exercise and postural habits.

  • Train your ‘deep’ postural muscle system to help establish important basic patterns of movement in the spine, pelvis and shoulder.

  • Practice healthy & safe ways of stretching and strengthening with optimal posture and breathing habits.

  • Integrate healthy patterns of movement into more challenging exercises while utilizing your pelvic floor muscles and breath awareness.

  • Explore healthy lifelong pelvic floor habits for: exercise, bladder & bowel control, and birth-related issues.



To sign-up or find out more about classes call our office at 339-298-2084 or fill out the contact form. Make sure to indicate for which program you wish to register.