Bladder Pain;

Urinary Urgency and Frequency Testimonials

  • Trisha has changed my life. I've suffered with symptoms of interstitial cystitis for more than 35 years. Trisha has helped me live a more normal life. I'm no longer a hostage to my disease. Trisha is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive therapist. I can never thank her enough for changing my life! – Judy

  • Thank you so much for the pelvic physical therapy sessions… I am especially grateful because now I hardly ever get up at night to pee. What a difference! – Former Patient

  • I strongly recommend Trisha because she puts you at ease. I’ve learned a lot about the way the bladder works. – Former Patient

  • It was so great to find such a great healer who was able to really help me with problems of urinary frequency. She helped make my life much more manageable. I was able to get more sleep and to spend more time steadily working vs. running to the bathroom. I would go back to Trisha should I ever need help with this issue again, without hesitation. I also have and will continue to refer any of my patients having issues with urinary frequency or incontinence or in need of musculoskeletal P.T., to Trisha. I think the world of her. I only refer to those practitioners I personally know are great. She also tells fun stories and has a wonderful sense of humor. It is an honor to write a testimonial for this awesome woman! – Former Patient