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Patient Testimonials

Trisha brings more than 25 years of experience to her practice helping people address and treat many different symptoms. These include:

Urinary or bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, painful urination or bowel movements, constipation, genital pressure, painful intercourse, prolapse, prenatal/postpartum issues, low back pain, neck pain, hip pain and others.

  • Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. The skillfulness in which you practice physical therapy has been remarkable! Your patience, realism, and optimism have been a guiding light for me. -Alice

  • I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Your special touch and wisdom have helped me so much! – Former Patient


  • I came to Trisha after a second opinion and didn't have much faith that I could be helped. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy has changed my approach to how I handle stress in my body. Now I am educated, and have learned so much about how the basic patterns we teach our bodies may be counter intuitive to how the body best functions. Trisha is kind, caring and committed. I feel empowered to help myself and have also been sharing my experiences with friends. She has helped me tremendously. No more antibiotics! – Sabita

  • This is the first time I have wanted to go to PT! – Andrea


  • Trisha is one of the best healers I have ever seen. She is very professional and compassionate. Doing pelvic floor work was all new to me when I began seeing Trisha, so I was a little nervous, but she put me completely at ease by talking through everything she was doing. She gave very good explanations of all the procedures and answered all of my questions. I tend to learn better visually and Trisha helped me out by printing out visuals for me for exercises she had me doing. This was a big help. It was so great to find such a great healer who was able to really help me with problems of urinary frequency. She helped make my life much more manageable. I was able to get more sleep and to spend more time steadily working vs. running to the bathroom. I would go back to Trisha should I ever need help with this issue again, without hesitation. I also have and will continue to refer any of my patients having issues with urinary frequency or incontinence or in need of musculoskeletal P.T., to Trisha. I think the world of her. I only refer to those practitioners I personally know are great. She also tells fun stories and has a wonderful sense of humor. It is an honor to write a testimonial for this awesome woman! – Former Patient


  • Trisha knows her specialty inside and out. She always makes me feel incredible comfortable even when I needed help with uncomfortable areas. I always left feeling better from the treatment and from talking with Trisha who is very wise. –Former Patient

  • Trisha provides the best healthcare. Thank you! Jeannette

  • I am so happy to have been connected with Trisha. She has encouraged me all along, explained things when I did not understand them and took time to offer additional methods for stretches when some may not have worked well for me. Outside of seeing her for a specific disorder, which I no longer have, she has helped me in my overall well-being with strategies for mind and body. Trisha is very professional, discreet, comforting and pleasant. I highly recommend her. – Emily

  • If you can say this about doing physical therapy in such a sensitive area, I have enjoyed working with and learning from Trisha! My situation has improved a lot and I now have tools to deal with it if it arises again. I would highly recommend Trisha. She is passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable. – Jill

  • SHE IS AMAZING!!!! Julie

  • I'm very knowledgeable health-wise, but I learned a lot from Trisha about the role of the pelvic floor muscles and how to keep them from becoming or staying too tight, and how to deal with that if it does occur. She is also quite knowledgeable about whole health, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor. I absolutely recommend Trisha! I learned a lot from Trisha and she helped me resolve my problem. – Adrienne

  • I feel very lucky to have found Trisha, who was highly recommended to me. Her approach to physical therapy is based on her unique expertise combined with a good dose of common sense. I truly feel that I’ve gotten to understand much better now what has caused my problem and I’m learning physical exercises and emotional strategies for fixing it. – Former Patient

  • Trisha is one of the best doctors I've ever been to. She’s always willing to help and find new and different ways to help me. Full of information and optimistic. – Samantha

  • She is the best in a little known but crucial field. – Former Patient

  • Trisha was wonderful, very kind, patient and knowledgeable about women's issues and how to correct them. I found her very easy to talk to and she has a great sense of humor! – Vivi

  • I left Trisha healthy and with my pelvic floor in good shape. More than that, I left with the knowledge of how to proactively improve my muscle health if I run into problems in the future. The tools that she gave me were literally life-changing. I can't say that about many doctors I see. – Former Patient

  • Trisha was the first person I saw after suffering from a pretty acute pelvic floor issue who really helped me understand what was going on - she was kind, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I can't imagine not having that first step to get me where I am now. Trisha is just so knowledgeable about all things body. I totally recommend her; for pelvic floor she is just the best! – Deb

  • I highly recommend Trisha. She is able to communicate comfort and reassurance when helping to remediate possibly uncomfortable issues. She also helps to effectively explain how you can incorporate body awareness into everyday life that will help to correct physical deficiencies. – Former Patient

  • Trisha is so very practical with her recommendations for exercises at home. I have very little free time during the day, and Trisha really heard that and helped come up with a treatment plan that really works with my lifestyle. Trisha is very aware of different learning styles, which is really helpful. She showed me pictures as well as talked about my treatment plan, and wrote down notes. I find this very helpful. I am a book learner, but am able to understand things much better when they have a visual component as well. The internal work she does is tremendously helpful as well. I thought I would just want one appointment, but when I saw the results and the careful advice Trisha gives, I wanted to keep coming back! Nancy

  • Having met with Trisha four times for PT, I especially like how she clearly explains my treatment for each appointment. Also, before I leave my appointments Trisha makes sure I am doing exercises for home properly. – Former Patient

  • I would absolutely recommend Trisha! As a fellow health care professional I have and will continue to refer patients to Trisha as well as to any of my friends or family who have these issues. She is the best at what she does. – Former Patient

  • I was most impressed by Trisha’s focus on education and her treatments. Trisha never stops teaching. If you take her lessons and use them things get better. She is passionate about her work, and about improving her clients' overall health. She is professional, caring, well informed and inspiring. – Holly

  • Absolutely, I recommend Trisha! Trisha understands that talking about a lot of bladder and pelvic floor issues are culturally taboo, and is respectful of people's fear or embarrassment but works to make it normal. She helped me realize that I didn't need to be embarrassed about what I was going through, that if I talked about and learned how to be more clear and descriptive that together we could work on making it better. I guess I am mostly describing that Trisha is very patient and knows when to encourage people but also when to listen. That skill is almost more important than actually knowing how to assist clients in retraining their bodies to be more functional. – Former Patient


  • Trisha, thank you so much for helping me learn how to sit and exercise to reduce my back pain during pregnancy!Sarah

  • Trisha was awesome! I learned so much about my pelvic floor and how my body was working postpartum. Trisha was great at explaining everything, the exercises were helpful, and I recommend her to everyone I know who needs help with their pelvic floor! I wish my midwife had recommended physical therapy as standard practice after giving birth. I think every woman would benefit from having sessions with Trisha. – Former Patient

Pelvic Pain

  • I wanted to say thank you for being such a knowledgeable, optimistic, and inspiring physical therapist. You have taught me so much about myself and my body that I desperately needed to know. And now I know that the power to help myself lies in my hands. You’ve given me the courage, confidence and tools to deal with my vulvodynia. For that I’ll be forever grateful!Former Patient

  • At the first visit I got so emotional and Trisha completely reassured me; I knew I had found a special person who would help me resolve my pain issues! I’ve learned so much from her. Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom. But most of all, thank you for your kindness and encouragement. You helped me in ways you’ll never know!Bonnie

  • I developed pelvic pain following a vagina hysterectomy. For a few years I went to many specialists and was told I was stressed and one doctor said I was hypersensitive to the changes in my body as I aged. It was such a relief to find someone who understood my pain! Trisha not only treated my pain with soft tissue massage and exercise, but also educated me on the pelvic floor and how to protect it. Plus, Trisha always seems to know the appropriate treatment on any given day. Some days it was best to exercise, other days soft tissue work was more appropriate. I always find that talking with Trisha is extremely beneficial. I would absolutely recommend her! – Nancy

Pelvic Pain; Incontinence

  • I was a 31-year-old woman who suffered two slipped disks and was managing back pain and urinary incontinence. I was told by several doctors that I needed to "just deal" with leaking urine for the rest of my life. I truly thought the work Trisha did was only for postpartum mom's and only went to see her to cross her off the list of specialists I was told to go see. When Trisha said she could help me I didn't believe her. I never told her that I was a sexual abuse survivor, but she knew I had significant fears about internal PT and was in a lot of pain, and that we needed to go slow. Trisha always checked in and vocalized every thing that she was going to do prior to starting anything. She was clear, listened, and never ever pushed beyond what I was ok with. I feel so lucky to have met Trisha and to have had the opportunity to learn about my body and that I could work to make it better. I am happy to say that over a year and a half since my last PT session with her, I no longer need to wear any type of special pads because I have regained and maintained full bladder control. I also am a lot smarter about my posture and maintaining my strength and flexibility to keep my body able to function the way it is suppose to. (I still exercise my pelvic floor every day!) More than anything, I am grateful for the knowledge and compassion Trisha shared. I know so much more about how my body works, and how to notice small changes and respond to them - not to be angry that my body isn't working right. I spent a long time hating all the things my body was doing wrong or preventing me from doing. Knowing what is happening, truly understanding it, and being able to manage and change things for the better, is truly invaluable. Trisha also understands that sex and intimacy is important and a part of health and well-being. She works to make sure that clients can get to a place, or return to a place, of confidence and comfort with their bodies and make that aspect of life possible and/or better. – Former Patient

  • Trisha Jenkyns is an excellent physical therapist. I've gone to her only 2 times so far for my stress incontinence and it has improved 25% already. She also taught me how to sit properly, to use my back muscles and not to slouch. She is knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. – Anne

Bladder Pain; Urinary Urgency and Frequency

  • Trisha has changed my life. I've suffered with symptoms of interstitial cystitis for more than 35 years. Trisha has helped me live a more normal life. I'm no longer a hostage to my disease. Trisha is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive therapist. I can never thank her enough for changing my life! – Judy

  • Thank you so much for the pelvic physical therapy sessions… I am especially grateful because now I hardly ever get up at night to pee. What a difference! – Former Patient

  • I strongly recommend Trisha because she puts you at ease. I’ve learned a lot about the way the bladder works. – Former Patient

  • It was so great to find such a great healer who was able to really help me with problems of urinary frequency. She helped make my life much more manageable. I was able to get more sleep and to spend more time steadily working vs. running to the bathroom. I would go back to Trisha should I ever need help with this issue again, without hesitation. I also have and will continue to refer any of my patients having issues with urinary frequency or incontinence or in need of musculoskeletal P.T., to Trisha. I think the world of her. I only refer to those practitioners I personally know are great. She also tells fun stories and has a wonderful sense of humor. It is an honor to write a testimonial for this awesome woman! – Former Patient

Painful Intercourse

  • Trisha has a depth of experience that I find so comforting. Pelvic floor issues are so personal and emotional; I (felt) safe right away in Trisha's care. She really understands how to communicate in images to help me visualize muscle release in hard to reach areas. I am so relieved to reclaim my sexual relationship with my spouse -- intercourse had become so painful -- and now I have the tools to eliminate the pain. – Former Patient

  • Trisha helped me regain my intimate life and avoid health problems now and in the future! – Former Patient


  • With Trisha's excellent care, exercises, and encouragement I was able to cope with my prolapse for at least 2 years or more. I was not ready to have surgery when my OB/GYN suggested I have immediately. Working with Trisha allowed me time to prepare, research the "Whole Woman" approach and talk to others who had had the surgery. When I finally scheduled the surgery, and needed to prepare for it, once again Trisha was such an incredible support. My recovery was without complications - and I did heed Trisha's advice to take it easy and rest. I feel great now! I am so glad I finally had the surgery although I do not regret waiting. I definitely attribute part of my quick recovery to my years working with Trisha. I would absolutely recommend Jenkyns Physical Therapy and Wellness to anyone with the same or similar symptoms I experienced – or for anything that Trisha treats. She is wonderful! – Judy


  • Thank you…I now have the tools to help my hip heal for a lifetime. – Former Patient

  • I highly recommend Trisha because she’s so good at relating kindly and intelligently with her patients. Anyone with pelvic floor issues would learn so much about themselves from working with her. Trisha also treated my shoulder pain, and I appreciated Trisha's forthrightness, humor, patience, as well as the soft tissue work that was a good balance of constructive painful stretching and reassuring the body that it could heal and change. Also the exercises were super helpful. The only problem was that Trisha wasn't at home with me to make me practice between sessions! – Neige