Painful Intercourse,

Prolapse & Other Testimonials

Painful Intercourse:

  • Trisha has a depth of experience that I find so comforting. Pelvic floor issues are so personal and emotional; I (felt) safe right away in Trisha's care. She really understands how to communicate in images to help me visualize muscle release in hard to reach areas. I am so relieved to reclaim my sexual relationship with my spouse -- intercourse had become so painful -- and now I have the tools to eliminate the pain. – Former Patient

  • Trisha helped me regain my intimate life and avoid health problems now and in the future! – Former Patient


  • With Trisha's excellent care, exercises, and encouragement I was able to cope with my prolapse for at least 2 years or more. I was not ready to have surgery when my OB/GYN suggested I have immediately. Working with Trisha allowed me time to prepare, research the "Whole Woman" approach and talk to others who had had the surgery. When I finally scheduled the surgery, and needed to prepare for it, once again Trisha was such an incredible support. My recovery was without complications - and I did heed Trisha's advice to take it easy and rest. I feel great now! I am so glad I finally had the surgery although I do not regret waiting. I definitely attribute part of my quick recovery to my years working with Trisha. I would absolutely recommend Jenkyns Physical Therapy and Wellness to anyone with the same or similar symptoms I experienced – or for anything that Trisha treats. She is wonderful! – Judy


  • Thank you…I now have the tools to help my hip heal for a lifetime. – Former Patient


  • I highly recommend Trisha because she’s so good at relating kindly and intelligently with her patients. Anyone with pelvic floor issues would learn so much about themselves from working with her. Trisha also treated my shoulder pain, and I appreciated Trisha's forthrightness, humor, patience, as well as the soft tissue work that was a good balance of constructive painful stretching and reassuring the body that it could heal and change. Also the exercises were super helpful. The only problem was that Trisha wasn't at home with me to make me practice between sessions! – Neige