Pelvic Pain & Incontinence Testimonials

Pelvic Pain

  • I wanted to say thank you for being such a knowledgeable, optimistic, and inspiring physical therapist. You have taught me so much about myself and my body that I desperately needed to know. And now I know that the power to help myself lies in my hands. You’ve given me the courage, confidence and tools to deal with my vulvodynia. For that I’ll be forever grateful!Former Patient


  • At the first visit I got so emotional and Trisha completely reassured me; I knew I had found a special person who would help me resolve my pain issues! I’ve learned so much from her. Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom. But most of all, thank you for your kindness and encouragement. You helped me in ways you’ll never know!Bonnie


  • I developed pelvic pain following a vagina hysterectomy. For a few years I went to many specialists and was told I was stressed and one doctor said I was hypersensitive to the changes in my body as I aged. It was such a relief to find someone who understood my pain! Trisha not only treated my pain with soft tissue massage and exercise, but also educated me on the pelvic floor and how to protect it. Plus, Trisha always seems to know the appropriate treatment on any given day. Some days it was best to exercise, other days soft tissue work was more appropriate. I always find that talking with Trisha is extremely beneficial. I would absolutely recommend her! – Nancy


Pelvic Pain; Incontinence

  • I was a 31-year-old woman who suffered two slipped disks and was managing back pain and urinary incontinence. I was told by several doctors that I needed to "just deal" with leaking urine for the rest of my life. I truly thought the work Trisha did was only for postpartum mom's and only went to see her to cross her off the list of specialists I was told to go see. When Trisha said she could help me I didn't believe her. I never told her that I was a sexual abuse survivor, but she knew I had significant fears about internal PT and was in a lot of pain, and that we needed to go slow. Trisha always checked in and vocalized every thing that she was going to do prior to starting anything. She was clear, listened, and never ever pushed beyond what I was ok with. I feel so lucky to have met Trisha and to have had the opportunity to learn about my body and that I could work to make it better. I am happy to say that over a year and a half since my last PT session with her, I no longer need to wear any type of special pads because I have regained and maintained full bladder control. I also am a lot smarter about my posture and maintaining my strength and flexibility to keep my body able to function the way it is suppose to. (I still exercise my pelvic floor every day!) More than anything, I am grateful for the knowledge and compassion Trisha shared. I know so much more about how my body works, and how to notice small changes and respond to them - not to be angry that my body isn't working right. I spent a long time hating all the things my body was doing wrong or preventing me from doing. Knowing what is happening, truly understanding it, and being able to manage and change things for the better, is truly invaluable. Trisha also understands that sex and intimacy is important and a part of health and well-being. She works to make sure that clients can get to a place, or return to a place, of confidence and comfort with their bodies and make that aspect of life possible and/or better. – Former Patient

  • Trisha Jenkyns is an excellent physical therapist. I've gone to her only 2 times so far for my stress incontinence and it has improved 25% already. She also taught me how to sit properly, to use my back muscles and not to slouch. She is knowledgeable, informative, and very helpful. – Anne