Jenkyns Physical Therapy & Wellness offers women skilled, comprehensive and compassionate physical therapy treatment


Therapeutic Exercise

Improve strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. Learn more and sign up now for one of our small-group classes.

Physical Therapy

'Hands-on' manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization or massage, and joint mobilization) to improve joint and soft tissue mobility and flexibility and decrease pain.


Muscle Education & Re-education

Help improve patterns of movement and body awareness such as postural alignment and pelvic floor/abdominal muscle coordination.

The Understanding of bladder, bowel and pelvic floor function is essential for improving symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.

Therapeutic and/or modified yoga poses.


Therapeutic Modalities

  • Biofeedback to enhance muscle re-education.

  • Additional modalities, including heat/ice, electrical stimulation and dilators.